I Want to Be Your Sole Survivor

Here’s an easy green tip for all of my peeps.  Take off your shoes at the front door.

gum show

OK, back when I was pre-green I thought this was weird when people would ask me to go shoeless in their house.  Take off my fucking shoes?  What am I…5?  I’m so glad I’m wearing my period socks which are stained and have holes in one of the toes (yes, period socks).  Well,as it turns out post-green Ellen thinks this is a great idea.  Think about all the crap (literally and figuratively) on the bottom of your shoes.  Thanks for dragging it all into my house where everybody who lives here (dogs included) runs around barefoot.  This goes double for all those homes with little babies and chronic alcoholics crawling around everywhere and putting their mouths on everything.  Listen up bitches, Cinderella don’t work here, I’m trying to clean these floors as little as possible.  So don’t worry about showing off those period socks when you walk into my house, I’m probably wearing a pair myself.

Take ‘em off in my house…sole-less is good for your soul.



  1. Donna Drake says:

    Amen! People still give me looks or just ignore the request completely when I ask them to remove their shoes! Next time I’m gonna take your line.. and just say “Listen bitches, Cinderella don’t work here.”

  2. Love it! Finally spoke to your Mom ! What a great gossip session we had! XO.

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