I want to give you an STD

Ok, you should know by now that I’m into the shock factor, and I’ve come to realize that’s ok.  I don’t believe as a society we listen to the gentle whispers, we are a society of Octo-mom, mermaid mockumentaries and Haliburton.  Nobody is going to give a shit if I say, “Hey, here’s some everyday things you should be doing to improve your life”, but if I go with “Hey internet, how about some Herpes”…you’re all ears. Let’s talk about {Read More}

Greening up his cleaning habits

When I began changing our personal care products so we bought only cruelty-free my hubby made three requests.  I have to give the guy credit, to the average bear I’m getting into some pretty weird shit here.  I would say that he rubbed his lamp and Ellen the green genie popped out to grant him his three wishes, but this would probably entail a Barbara Eden (look it up) costume and a techno version of the Aladdin soundtrack.  That would {Read More}