Dancing with Jake Ryan

So there I was, a fresh-faced budding young woman of 14.  I was at the movies with some friends and that’s when I first saw him.  He became very important in my “formative years” and was often on my mind as I drifted off to sleep…Jake Ryan.  When Sixteen Candles came out in 1984 I thought the story was cute, the dress was awesome, but Jake was dreamy.  Somehow over the years his dialogue with Long Duck Dong blurred in {Read More}

Surviving Val-Pocalypse 2015

As I’m sure you can tell by now, I love to have a good laugh.  But I should preface that with the fact that the material needs to be funny.  Back in my single days a guy gave me this card on Valentine’s Day.  Now, granted I took some artistic liberties with the card itself because the original is still probably in police evidence “just in case”, but the sentiment is the same.  He wasn’t funny, he was super creepy {Read More}

It puts the lotion in the basket…

I love body lotion (but I love a good Silence of the Lambs line just as much). Sure, I tell my husband it’s a “marital aid” when used properly, but sometimes I just like how it feels and how it smells. It can be very relaxing especially on my dry skin. When I find great products, I love telling all my friends about them. I’m a girl, so obviously I use a ton of personal care products. This sounded like {Read More}