The Perfect 10

Previously…on a very special Living Clean and Dirty podcast. OK, everyone who knows me knows I love to recycle.  Whether it’s tin cans, shampoo bottles or toilet paper it doesn’t really matter to me.  In the spirit of recycling I have taken my 10-Step Commandments from our podcast and recycled/reused here in one nice neat package, I call it The Perfect Ten (no hubby, not you but you’re totally a strong 9…ok maybe 8).  Originally I called it the Ten {Read More}

I’m Positive I’m not Negative

So I was a child of the late 70s to early 80s and when I think back to those glorious days of Jelly shoes, PacMan and Trapper Keepers I start to remember my favorite gifts that I got from my parents.  See if you can guess what all of these things had in common. Cabbage Patch Kid Rubik’s Cube Big Wheel Play Doh Fun Factory Shrinky Dinks No, the answer is not “thing’s in my pervy uncle’s basement”.  The answer {Read More}

Just the Tip – You don’t bring me vases anymore

I have to be honest, when it comes to husbands I’m pretty lucky.  Sure I bust his balls all the time as I drag him with me on my journey into the green, but he’s definitely a good egg.  Early on when we were still dating he bought me flowers and had them delivered to me at my apartment.  I think it was a summer bouquet, because I remember the sunflowers; but more importantly I remember the tulips and the {Read More}