The Most Valuable Cheat Sheet You Never Knew About

I’m going to tell you a story about a story…or in this case a book. I read a lot of books.  It’s not unusual for my hubby to find me passed out in bed (empty wine glass next to me like a loyal soldier) with a book still open in my lap.  Some of my guilty pleasures have been “Nature’s Nether Regions”, “Safe Haven”, “Does the Soul Survive?”, “Everyone Poops” or once for some international flavor,  the Scottish tale of {Read More}

It’s not my 1970s Wonder Woman lunchbox, but Planet Box for my kids makes me the hero

I’m one of those moms that totally looks like she’s got her shit together.  And for the most part, I think I do.  But every morning I get up 1/2 hour early just to figure out what the hell I’m gonna give my kids for lunch.  So I spent what felt like FOREVER to find an eco-friendly, safe alternative to plastic or paper lunch sacks for my kids. For months I came up with zilch.  I was buying those soft {Read More}