The Perfect 10

Previously…on a very special Living Clean and Dirty podcast. OK, everyone who knows me knows I love to recycle.  Whether it’s tin cans, shampoo bottles or toilet paper it doesn’t really matter to me.  In the spirit of recycling I have taken my 10-Step Commandments from our podcast and recycled/reused here in one nice neat package, I call it The Perfect Ten (no hubby, not you but you’re totally a strong 9…ok maybe 8).  Originally I called it the Ten {Read More}

So smart, It’ll make you cry

Do scallions work like onions and make you cry?  Ahh, who cares.  It got you to check out the article and the video below. Hi guys, I know you are all struggling along without your regular LC&D updates so I thought I’d throw you a quick one to hold you over.  Another tip from my kitchen and this is one of my favorites.  Add 1 part great vegetable, a cup of water, a dash of free and voila…magic scallions.  Doug {Read More}

Just the tip – There’s a party in my pitcher

Here’s a quick green tip…I was going to call it a wet quickie but we’ve been calling it the pitcher party for so long I couldn’t resist. Water Pitcher: Pretty much the only time I’m guaranteed to completely finish a glass of water is on a bright and sunny Sunday morning when I’m hungover as shit and praying for death.  Most other times there’s at least one or two half full glasses around my house that end up getting dumped {Read More}