The Ten-Step Commandments – Part 8 Talkin’ Bout My Meditation

Bring on the Ocho!!

Welcome to number 8 of our 10 Step Commandments. We all know what a big music lover I am so as a nod to The Beatles (or was it Elvis Presley) famous line of “Talking ‘bout my generation” this episode could be called “Talking ‘bout my meditation”. It’s been said that 8% of U.S. adults use meditation and the numbers are only increasing. Study after study shows all the positive effects on the mind, spirit and body. You can find any number of articles online that talk about why everyone from CEOs to school students are getting on the meditation bandwagon. In my experience there is absolutely no downside and I’m here to tout its praises. I think I’ve almost convinced my hubby to do it with me, but honestly it’s probably going to cost me a few well-timed yoga poses in the sack…but secretly I don’t mind.

This 10-podcast series is a love letter to my 2 girls. I say shit all the time and I know they aren’t even listening to most of it. “Hey it’s Thursday, brush your teeth”, “no you can’t go to school commando”, “if you try to put that in the dog’s butt she’s going to bite you and I’m going to laugh”. Girls, if you are listening to this first let me say TURN THIS OFF, THIS SHIT IS FOR ADULTS! But, if you are still listening then these are my ten tips for you that I wish someone told me about when I was your age. If you even try to follow just one of these you’ll be way ahead of the game.

Enjoy the podcast, and by the way the song My Generation is by The Who (I actually knew this one)…sometimes I just like to see if you guys are actually reading the whole description. 😉

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