The Ten-Step Commandments – Part 7 Comfort is not an Erogenous Zone

Oh yea faithful listeners…

Welcome to lucky number 7 of our 10 Step Commandments.  Twilight Zone, School Zone, Erogenous Zone, Time Zone, Danger Zone…I could go on for hours, but tonight we’re focusing on the Zone that I prefer to see in my rear view mirror as I drive off to any new adventure.  I’m talking about the Comfort Zone…that warm blanket of same-ness and predictability that can tend to be a hard habit to break.  I’m not talking about cooking bacon in the nude (or really cooking bacon at all), and while fear can be a good thing that tends to keep us alive more times than not, sometimes you have try something new. Sorry husband of mine, I’m not talking about Canal without the “C”; I’m just suggesting that sometimes you can’t let fear run your life and keep you from having new and sometimes “glory”-ious new experiences (Husband!  Still no!)

This 10-podcast series is a love letter to my 2 girls. I say shit all the time and I know they aren’t even listening to most of it. “Hey it’s Thursday, brush your teeth”, “no you can’t go to school commando”, “if you try to put that in the dog’s butt she’s going to bite you and I’m going to laugh”. Girls, if you are listening to this first let me say TURN THIS OFF, THIS SHIT IS FOR ADULTS! But, if you are still listening then these are my ten tips for you that I wish someone told me about when I was your age. If you even try to follow just one of these you’ll be way ahead of the game.

Enjoy the podcast, hubby overheard me muttering to myself about the topic earlier today and wasn’t he surprised when we ended up not talking about scones.

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