The Ten-Step Commandments – Part 1 Grateful Universe

In honor of Passover (and my honey’s favorite Cecil B DeMille movie) I offer to you these Ten Commandments.  I was having a wonderful before-bed conversation with my older daughter (I have to enjoy them while they last) and thought about what life lessons I want to pass on to them in order to retain my Mother-of-the-Year status.

This 10-podcast series is a love letter to my 2 girls.  I say shit all the time and I know they aren’t even listening to most of it. “Hey it’s Thursday, brush your teeth”, “no you can’t go to school commando”, “if you try to put that in the dog’s butt she’s going to bite you and I’m going to laugh”.

Girls, if you are listening to this first let me say TURN THIS OFF, THIS SHIT IS FOR ADULTS!

But, if you are still listening then these are my ten tips for you that I wish someone told me about when I was your age.  If you even try to follow just one of these you’ll be way ahead of the game.

More to Come…

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