017 The Ten-Step Commandments – Part 10 Demand Better…Just not from this podcast


I can’t believe we made it, and I can’t believe you are still listening to the 10 Step Commandments.  By now you probably have a great fear of open windows and an even greater fear of hospitals, but it all comes down to this final episode of the Commandments. Your reward is finally learning the TV show Ellen has been referencing for the past 9 episodes.  Was it Cop Rock? Ally McBeal? Cagney & Lacey? She’s the Sherrif?

In this episode we get yet another reminder of Ellen’s navigation skills, she reminisces about imaginary Uncle Jimmy, and Mark determines just how much shit someone should put up with (hint: it’s zero)

This 10-podcast series is a love letter to my 2 girls. I say shit all the time and I know they aren’t even listening to most of it. “Hey it’s Thursday, brush your teeth”, “no you can’t go to school commando”, “if you try to put that in the dog’s butt she’s going to bite you and I’m going to laugh”. Girls, if you are listening to this first let me say TURN THIS OFF, THIS SHIT IS FOR ADULTS! But, if you are still listening then these are my ten tips for you that I wish someone told me about when I was your age. If you even try to follow just one of these you’ll be way ahead of the game.

Thanks for your commitment to the commandments and be sure to keep coming back our website for only the freshest of content and keep on listening as you won’t be able to keep us off the air (and the couch, drinking) for long.



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