Boom Boom Shake Shake the Room!

There are three words that this girl lives to hear.  That’s right…Pakistan, Magnesium and Iodine.  I used to think that maybe 2 of them were places that you can only get to by plane and one is something you put on cuts for some reason.  As I get older (read: wiser) I have come to appreciate that actually 1 of them is a place where something is mined and 2 of them are the mine-ees (miners, minors, ??).  That’s right {Read More}

Surviving Val-Pocalypse 2015

As I’m sure you can tell by now, I love to have a good laugh.  But I should preface that with the fact that the material needs to be funny.  Back in my single days a guy gave me this card on Valentine’s Day.  Now, granted I took some artistic liberties with the card itself because the original is still probably in police evidence “just in case”, but the sentiment is the same.  He wasn’t funny, he was super creepy {Read More}

Mr. Twitches

So my younger daughter Chloe is the Beanie Baby daughter. I would say she was the mayor of beanie town, but she would probably be more of a Toronto-Rob Ford type of mayor so I don’t think politics are in her future. From about age 4 to now (7 going on bitchy 17) she can always be found carrying around a couple of these squishable part-time dog toys (My Black Lab Riley in particular is a huge fan). She names {Read More}