You Must Tend Your Garden

When I was young and single, personal hygiene was at the top of my daily shit to do list.  Basically that means I was very attentive to “tending the garden”.  That’s just nice talk for shaving or waxing your bush so that when a guy got your pants off he didn’t think he was staring at Lenny Kravitz in a headlock.  And if by luck he was an overachiever and actually did try to find my clitoris I didn’t think {Read More}

So smart, It’ll make you cry

Do scallions work like onions and make you cry?  Ahh, who cares.  It got you to check out the article and the video below. Hi guys, I know you are all struggling along without your regular LC&D updates so I thought I’d throw you a quick one to hold you over.  Another tip from my kitchen and this is one of my favorites.  Add 1 part great vegetable, a cup of water, a dash of free and voila…magic scallions.  Doug {Read More}

Who gives a chip?

 Raise your hand if you like potato chips… (wow, that’s a lot of hands)   Now, I love processed foods as much as the next gal, but I also know how bad they are for you.  In my quest to give my kids the potato chips they craved and not turn them into those weird kids who never eat snacks, sweets and junk food I decided to try to make my own.  I read a ton of reviews of the {Read More}

Dancing with Jake Ryan

So there I was, a fresh-faced budding young woman of 14.  I was at the movies with some friends and that’s when I first saw him.  He became very important in my “formative years” and was often on my mind as I drifted off to sleep…Jake Ryan.  When Sixteen Candles came out in 1984 I thought the story was cute, the dress was awesome, but Jake was dreamy.  Somehow over the years his dialogue with Long Duck Dong blurred in {Read More}

Surviving Val-Pocalypse 2015

As I’m sure you can tell by now, I love to have a good laugh.  But I should preface that with the fact that the material needs to be funny.  Back in my single days a guy gave me this card on Valentine’s Day.  Now, granted I took some artistic liberties with the card itself because the original is still probably in police evidence “just in case”, but the sentiment is the same.  He wasn’t funny, he was super creepy {Read More}

Be Tolerant of Intolerance

Like most of the world, I never liked to try new things and I hate change, but last year I began my “Year of Fear” project.  We’re not talking about bungee jumping and getting tattoos, but more like wearing plaid and keeping my eyes open during sex (not at the same time, cause that’d be weird).  It’s my baby-steps approach to trying things I would have never dreamed of before. I’ve had some real highs points during my YOF. I {Read More}

Your poo is green? That’s awesome, so is mine!

Wikipedia says that Necrophilia is the sexual attraction to corpses, the term has been around for about 160 years. OK, two things… First, me and the hubby love a good game of “oooh look, a naked dead body” in the bedroom but that’s just a game (I think).  I’m a pretty open-minded girl, but even I have my limits and sex with a dead body just sends my weird-o-meter through the roof.  Second, and more importantly…how many people have really {Read More}

Greening up his cleaning habits

When I began changing our personal care products so we bought only cruelty-free my hubby made three requests.  I have to give the guy credit, to the average bear I’m getting into some pretty weird shit here.  I would say that he rubbed his lamp and Ellen the green genie popped out to grant him his three wishes, but this would probably entail a Barbara Eden (look it up) costume and a techno version of the Aladdin soundtrack.  That would {Read More}

Paint…it’s not just for breakfast anymore

Remember hearing all those awful stories when we were younger about kids getting sick from eating lead paint.  Well it turns out that today’s paint isn’t exactly as worry free as we may think.  I’m not saying anyone sees a can of paint and says, “Oh thank GOD, I was starving.”  It’s just that in the day and age when we have phones that can accidentally (or on purpose) send a picture of our own tits to anyone with an {Read More}