The Top 5…How’s my mascara?

My daughter is 10 years old going on 16 and loves playing make-up. Not just on special occasions. I catch her putting it on in the morning to go to school. Since I think she’s WAY too young, she often goes to my mom’s house and uses her drug store, old school shit filled with chemicals and tested on animals. Everything I hate about a cosmetics company. No matter how much I beg my mom not to buy that crap, {Read More}

Fitness that Fits in your Hand

When it comes to getting sweaty, going to the gym is pretty low on my list.  There are plenty of other activities I like to participate in that I can convince myself is burning calories.  Chief among them is eating super spicy food on the couch watching TV with the air conditioning off. Sure it’s economical but not as erotic as you were expecting.  To be honest, I’m betting there are a couple of you out there that can relate. {Read More}

Sunburnt Magnolias

You know you have a good perverted husband when I start quoting my favorite movie and he chimes in and makes it dirty. Ellen: “My colors are blush and bashful. I have chosen two shades of pink, one is much deeper than the other.” Mark: “I like pink! Pink is my signature color. If you show me your pink I’ll definitely make you blush and I won’t be bashful about it.” As I’m sure some of you will guess, that {Read More}

The Perfect 10

Previously…on a very special Living Clean and Dirty podcast. OK, everyone who knows me knows I love to recycle.  Whether it’s tin cans, shampoo bottles or toilet paper it doesn’t really matter to me.  In the spirit of recycling I have taken my 10-Step Commandments from our podcast and recycled/reused here in one nice neat package, I call it The Perfect Ten (no hubby, not you but you’re totally a strong 9…ok maybe 8).  Originally I called it the Ten {Read More}

017 The Ten-Step Commandments – Part 10 Demand Better…Just not from this podcast

  I can’t believe we made it, and I can’t believe you are still listening to the 10 Step Commandments.  By now you probably have a great fear of open windows and an even greater fear of hospitals, but it all comes down to this final episode of the Commandments. Your reward is finally learning the TV show Ellen has been referencing for the past 9 episodes.  Was it Cop Rock? Ally McBeal? Cagney & Lacey? She’s the Sherrif? In {Read More}

The Ten-Step Commandments – Part 9 Being a Giver makes you a Receiver

Engine Engine Number 9!! Welcome to number 9 of our 10 Step Commandments. In this fun-filled episode we talk about how giving is the gateway to receiving, Mark’s restored faith in humanity and how time is the most valuable currency.   This 10-podcast series is a love letter to my 2 girls. I say shit all the time and I know they aren’t even listening to most of it. “Hey it’s Thursday, brush your teeth”, “no you can’t go to {Read More}

The Ten-Step Commandments – Part 8 Talkin’ Bout My Meditation

Bring on the Ocho!! Welcome to number 8 of our 10 Step Commandments. We all know what a big music lover I am so as a nod to The Beatles (or was it Elvis Presley) famous line of “Talking ‘bout my generation” this episode could be called “Talking ‘bout my meditation”. It’s been said that 8% of U.S. adults use meditation and the numbers are only increasing. Study after study shows all the positive effects on the mind, spirit and {Read More}

The Ten-Step Commandments – Part 7 Comfort is not an Erogenous Zone

Oh yea faithful listeners… Welcome to lucky number 7 of our 10 Step Commandments.  Twilight Zone, School Zone, Erogenous Zone, Time Zone, Danger Zone…I could go on for hours, but tonight we’re focusing on the Zone that I prefer to see in my rear view mirror as I drive off to any new adventure.  I’m talking about the Comfort Zone…that warm blanket of same-ness and predictability that can tend to be a hard habit to break.  I’m not talking about {Read More}

The Ten-Step Commandments – Part 6 Forgiveness is not a Hotel in California

My dear listeners… Hope you’re Taking It Easy with a Peaceful Easy Feeling and not feeling any Heartache Tonight.  This is my favorite time of the year with Tequila Sunrises and One of These Nights I’ve promised to show my hubby Life in the Fast Lane.  Maybe I’ll be his Witchy Woman and Take it to the Limit, hope he doesn’t end up a Victim of Love.  Well, if you haven’t guessed yet there may or may not be an {Read More}

The Ten-Step Commandments – Part 5 Sorry Not Sorry

Honestly at this point I can’t even remember why we started these 10 Step Commandments but, if you’re still listening then we must be doing something right.  Here comes Step 5, we’ve reached the halfway mark but this is hands-down my husband’s favorite one yet (listen to the whole episode). This 10-podcast series is a love letter to my 2 girls. I say shit all the time and I know they aren’t even listening to most of it. “Hey it’s {Read More}